Right now, Free School Meals for every child stop after year two.

When children are hungry they can’t learn. It’s that simple. Why are children as young as seven denied something so essential to their education? 

We’re asking the UK Government to follow in the footsteps of Scotland and Wales and extend Free School Meals to every child in primary school in England. 

This is a movement of educators, parents, doctors, school nurses, councillors and communities ready to put this right.

Why do school dinners matter?
A good education stretches from the canteen to the classroom.

School dinners help children focus, connect with their peers and build bright futures. Our children learn together and play together - they should eat together too.

That’s the difference a hot and nutritious school dinner makes.
Why now?
Parents in this country work hard to provide for their kids. But with falling wages and rising costs, millions of families are struggling. 

Free School Meals for All would ensure every child has a hot dinner every day. And ease the pressure on families struggling to make ends meet. The Government has failed families and children in our communities. It’s time they stepped up.
A better future for our  children
Together we’ll ensure every child has what they need to learn. We’ll push the Government to lift up every child up so no child is left behind. 

That’s the future we want for our children and our schools. One where children eat together, learn together and grow together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How would Free School Meals for All work? Who would get it? Find answers to these questions and learn more about this idea and campaign.


It’s simply not right that 4.3 million children in the UK – that’s 8 pupils in every class of 30 – are growing up trapped in poverty.

Find out how many children near you are caught in poverty’s grip, then ask your MP to act now.